The Flower of Life


The Flower of Life is a sacred geometrical pattern that has been a part of human history and culture around the world for thousands of years. The symbol has been found in many countries including Egypt where it is engraved in some parts of the pyramids, China, England, Ireland, and Greece. Any Cold Play fans may have spotted the Flower of Life artwork on their 2015 album cover, A Head Full of Dreams.

Sacred geometry is at the root of nature and helps us to identify and measure everything in the Universe on a geometric scale, including people, trees, flowers, food, language, solar systems, and music. In essence, all life is part of a divine, collective, geometrical pattern. Leonardo Di Vinci even spent time studying the angles within the Flower of Life and not only drew it but used its formula within some of his works.

In its most simple terms, the Flower of Life starts out as a single circle, expanding to a collection of perfectly over-lapping circles.

Flower of Life Logo


I chose to name my practice Flower of Life Nutrition because I feel the symbol perfectly embodies the building blocks we need to start our wellness journey.  For me, that initial circle symbolises the beginning of a client’s health journey as they look for ways to re-balance and re-claim their body and mind. From that first circle growth and expansion can occur and the journey towards optimal health and wellbeing can begin. Its only on reflection we can see how far we have come and what we have created for ourselves.

We all have to start somewhere but starting can often feel like the most challenging part. Change can also feel uncomfortable or leave us feeling vulnerable and I acknowledge that it takes tremendous strength and bravery to even pick up the phone or make contact. Simply listening to your body and tuning in to your intuition will let you know when the time is right.

The Flower of Life is also a reminder that we are all connected to the natural world around us. In offering your body love and respect you can connect more powerfully with the world around you and receive the abundant good health you deserve.

The journey is the reward

(Chinese Proverb)