An initial consultation will last between 60-90 minutes. During the consultation we will discuss your health history and dietary habits so I can assess your current health status to establish any imbalances or areas you require support. I will then create a bespoke plan (emailed to you within 5 working days) that includes both diet and lifestyle advice. If needed, the plan may also include supplemental support.

In some cases I may suggest laboratory testing, but we will always try and encourage wellness using food first.

We will then follow –up, between 4-6 weeks later, and assess how the plan is going for you and make any necessary changes. The follow-up appointment lasts for 45 minutes.

Prior to your initial appointment I ask that you keep a food diary for 3 days which you bring along with you to the consultation. Please also bring any important medical/health tests and a list of current prescription medications and/or natural supplements.​


Initial Consultation (between 60-90minutes): £110.00

Follow-Ups (45 minutes): £45.00

*Please note consultations can either be conducted in person or online